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The USS LOWRY (DD-770) was transferred to the Navy of Brazil in October 1973. She served in this Navy until 1995. Through the efforts of W. F. Mackey the LOWRY has been found. I offer you the correspondence involved in this find.

Date: Friday, September 04, 1998 2:45 PM
Subject: USS LOWRY DD-770

I have "surfed in" on your website and congratulate you on a very fine job you have done. I am searching for any and all history that you might have on my oldship that was sold to your country in 1973.  She was a fine destroyer that served in three conflicts and I was a Quartermaster on board her in 1968 off the coast of Vietnam during the "Tet Offensive". We fired many thousands of 5 inch rounds from our ship during this period of time.

The U.S.S. LOWRY (DD-770) was a Sumner Class Destroyer that went through the FRAM II conversion program. I can not remember her name when she served in your Navy, but I believe she served for about 10 years.  We are having a ship's reunion in about two weeks and I would appreciate any information that you could provide for the crew members of this fine "Fighting Lady".

Thank you again for your attention to this matter.
Shipmates Forever,
Quartermaster Bill Mackey

Hi Mr. Bill,
Thank you for liking of our site. It gives an enormous work to place it in day! Well, the USS Lowry came to Brazil in 1973 and here it was rebaptized as "Espírito Santo" (what means "State of Holy Spirit"), (D38). The ship operated until the year of 1995, having participated in countless operations (ADEREX, TEMPEREX, TROPICALEX, UNITAS, etc) and conquered several efficiency awards, including the ECHO Trophy in 1989. The ship was disabled in 1995 and its hull still meets whole, in the naval base of Rio de Janeiro.

Maybe she will be sold as old iron or to be used as a target,  what is lamentable! If I had enough money, I would buy the ship and it would transform it in museum.

I am sending a photo of the Espírito Santo (D-38) as memory. It was really a beautiful ship, easily identifiable for the antenna of rectangular radar AN-SPS-29.

Shipmates forever!
Alexandre Galante PODER NAVAL OnLin