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Tender availability completed, LOWRY returned to Philadelphia on 18 December for a month of well deserved rest that gave all of the crew the opportunity to spend most of the holidays at home.

LOWRY commenced a second year as a Naval Reserve Training Destroyer in January 1971. The first reserve training cruise of the year commenced 19 January in Philadelphia. Gunnery and ASW exercises were conducted in the Narragansett Bay Op Areas enroute to and from the liberty port of Boston. She returned to Philadelphia on 29 January.

On 9 February she departed Philadelphia enroute Little Creek, Virginia, and thence Bloodsworth Island in Chesapeake Bay for training of Naval Gunfire Support Spotters in conjunction with Naval Amphibious School, Little Creek. On completion of firing, she returned to Philadelphia on 12 February.

On 20 and 21 February, LOWRY’s selected reserve crew embarked and the ship proceeded to sea for training and conducted Burial at Sea Services for two retired petty officers.

LOWRY was underway for the second reserve cruise of the year on 27 February, proceeding to Norfolk, Virginia, for embarkation of a large contingent of reserves. She departed Norfolk under the operational control of Commander, DESTROYER SQUADRON THIRTY FOUR enroute to San Juan, Puerto Rico. ASW, underway replenishment, AAW and communication drills were conducted in company with U.S.S. HARWOOD (DD-861) and U.S.S. HANK (DD-702). Arriving San Juan on 5 March, LOWRY remained inport three days and after getting underway on 8 March, conducted NGFS exercises with the U.S.S. HANK (DD-702) before proceeding to Philadelphia and arriving on 13 March.

After a short cruise to Yorktown, Virginia, she returned to Philadelphia and was drydocked on 29 March. Minimal work was performed due to the paucity of funds and LOWRY was undocked on 7 May.

On 15 May, LOWRY embarked her selected reserve crew and was underway for the third reserve training cruise of the year. She proceeded to Charleston, South Carolina and loaded ammunition. While inport, Commander DESTROYER SQUADRON THIRTY embarked and upon departure Charleston, assumed tactical command.

Engineering casualties (main condenser) forced LOWRY to abort into Mayport, Florida for repairs. Upon completion of repairs, LOWRY conducted ASW exercises enroute to Philadelphia and arrived in homeport on 28 May.

The fourth reserve cruise of the year commenced with LOWRY underway from Philadelphia on 21 June. She proceeded to Charleston, conducting independent ship exercises enroute. After the Bermuda stop she returned to Philadelphia on 1 July.

The fifth reserve cruise of the year commenced on 26 July. ASW exercises were conducted in the Charleston Op Areas before another condenser casualty forced a return to Mayport, Florida. Upon repair and refueling, she proceeded to Port Everglades, Florida for a three day port visit. She returned to Philadelphia on 6 August.

LOWRY repositioned in Newport, Rhode Island for the monthly selected reserve drill on 10 September. She steamed from Newport in company with eight other destroyers from DESTROYER SQUADRON THIRTY. After squadron tactics were completed, LOWRY was detached and proceeded to Philadelphia. Enroute pronounced vibration commenced in the starboard shaft. She proceeded to Philadelphia on only the port shaft, arriving 12 September. Underwater inspection on the shaft and propeller were inconclusive.

Commander CASHMERE relieved Commander CASEWELL on 1 October.

On 5 October, LOWRY departed Philadelphia on one shaft and proceeded to Davisville, Rhode Island, for drydocking in ARD-16. The starboard propeller was changed and LOWRY returned to Philadelphia on 21 October.

LOWRY lost vital engineering personnel in late October and was restricted to local operations of brief duration for the remainder of the year.

LOWRY commenced her third year of operations as a member of the Naval Reserve Force assigned to Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet in January 1972.

Underway operations commenced for the year with a selected reserve training weekend on 16-17 January in company with other ships of DESRON THIRTY. Foul weather precluded accomplishment of any meaningful training other than safe navigation of the ship. Plans for decommissioning LOWRY in July were announced.

On 21 January, she proceeded to Newport, Rhode Island, conducting a Burial at Sea Service and ISE enroute, arriving on 22 January. LOWRY returned to Philadelphia on 27 January after providing mutual ASW services for a submarine in the Narragansett Bay Operating Areas.

LOWRY repositioned in Baltimore, Maryland, in February, having transited the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, and conducted Naval Gunfire Support exercises with selected reserve crew embarked. She returned to Bloodsworth Island in Chesapeake Bay later in the month as a school ship for NGFS spotters and during the training period completed all qualifications for Naval Gunfire Support before returning to Philadelphia, again via the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

The SelRes Crew embarked for the March weekend for a transit to Norfolk, Virginia, arriving 18 March. An INSURV Inspection was conducted 30-31 March, followed by a tender period lasting until 27 April. Reserves were embarked in Norfolk and training was conducted enroute Philadelphia.

The selected reserve crew’s annual two week active duty training cruise commenced 8 May with LOWRY in company with other ships of DESRON THIRTY. Gunnery exercises and the ship’s first underway replenishment in more than a year were conducted in the Virginia Capes Op Areas prior to proceeding to Boston, Massachusetts, for a port visit. Cancellation of the decommissioning was announced enroute Boston. LOWRY returned to Philadelphia on 20 May.

June was spent in upkeep in Philadelphia. On 22 July, LOWRY proceeded to Norfolk for another tender availability, which was completed on 11 August. On 12 August, LOWRY received notification that she had been awarded the DESRON THIRTY “A” for fiscal 1972.

In September, LOWRY was assigned a much needed Restricted Availability at Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, Chester, Pennsylvania, and entered the yard on 26 September.

Commander Stanislaus G. Dyro, United States Navy, relieved Commander John J. Cashmere, United States Navy Reserve, as Commanding Officer on 12 October 1972.

LOWRY remained in Chester, Pennsylvania, until 19 November, when she successfully completed Sea Trials and returned to Philadelphia.

A two week shakedown cruise commenced on 27 November to Charleston, South Carolina. LOWRY conducted test firing of the mounts, ASW exercises and general seamanship training during the cruise. She returned to Philadelphia on 8 December, after having loaded ammunition in Yorktown, Virginia.

She completed the year in upkeep and holiday leave period for the remainder of December.

In January 1973, LOWRY commenced her fourth year of operation as a member of the Naval Reserve Force assigned to Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.

Underway operations began on 10 January with LOWRY enroute Norfolk, Virginia, where she prepositioned for her first reserve cruise of the year. With SAMAR 4-2 embarked, LOWRY was underway again on 15 January for Mayport, Florida, in company with Destroyers: U.S.S. CHARLES F. SPERRY (DD-697), U.S.S. JOHNSTON (DD-821), and U.S.S. LAFFEY (DD-724).

Formation steaming and tactical maneuvers were conducted enroute. A two-week TAV commended upon arrival Mayport, with LOWRY alongside U.S.S. YOSEMITE (AD-19). On 27 January the selected reserve crew was embarked, and SAMAR 4-2 was transported back to Philadelphia. ASW and towing exercises were conducted in the company with other ships of DESRON 30 in the Charleston Op Areas the following week, with a weekend port visit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Underway again on 5 February, a 32 knot full power run was conducted successfully. Heavy weather precluded the scheduled underway replenishment exercise, additionally necessitating a layover in Norfolk until 12 February, when LOWRY returned to Philadelphia.

LOWRY remained in homeport conducting leave and upkeep until 28 March, with the exception of reserve training during short underway periods in the Delaware River. ISE and ASW Transponder Buoy exercises were conducted off the Virginia Capes during the two day underway period. LOWRY returned to Philadelphia on the afternoon of 29 March.

Inport Naval Gunfire Support Training was conducted on board LOWRY for the next two weeks. The SelRes portion of the crew was embarked at Solomon’s Island on 13 April. All qualifications for NGFS were completed on 14 April, at Bloodsworth Island, and LOWRY returned to homeport on 15 April.

The month of May found LOWRY underway for Newport, Rhode Island, as a brief stopover enroute to Portland, Maine, where she played an important part in the city’s Armed Forces Day activities. ASW exercises were conducted in company with the U.S.S. MYLES C. FOX (DD-829) in the Narrabay Op Areas during the return trip to Philadelphia.

Final preparations for an INSURV Inspection on the 4th and 5th of June occupied the latter part of May; the findings of the board were announced to the crew of LOWRY on the 6th. Many comments were made by the inspectors as to LOWRY’s exceptional cleanliness and readiness.

LOWRY hosted some 350 guests for the Annual Dependents Cruise on 16 June. Commander DYRO entered the Naval Hospital, Newport, Rhode Island on 18 June for removal of a kidney. The Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander A.T. MASON, USN, was ordered to command LOWRY when it became evident that Commander DYRO’s hospitalization would be prolonged.

The ship was underway again on 9 July, with Lieutenant Commander A.T. MASON, USN, in command for ASW Operations in the Narrabay Areas. A casualty to the evaporators forced a stopover in Newport, Rhode Island, where Commander DYRO came aboard to speak briefly to his former crew. LOWRY returned to Philadelphia on the 19th, but was operating in the Narrabay Areas again on the 25th of July, this time in company with destroyers U.S.S. MYLES C. FOX (DD-829) and U.S.S. CHARLES F. SPERRY (DD-697), with submarine services being provided by U.S.S. CLAGMORE (SS-343). The Burial at Sea of a retired Chief Boiler Technician was conducted on the evening of 26 July.

While enroute Philadelphia on the 27th of July, LOWRY was informed by message of plans for decommissioning and possible transfer in the latter part of October.

LOWRY’s final cruise began on 15 August 1973, with the ship underway to offload ammunition at Yorktown, Virginia, and thence to the Narrabay Op Areas for submarine services from the U.S.S. CORPORAL (SS-346), and independent steaming exercises. LOWRY returned to homeport on 23 August and commenced stand down on 1 September.

Inspecting Officers of the Brazilian Government arrived on board 12 September and acceptance of the ship was made official on 1 October 1973. The first increment of the Brazilian transfer crew arrived on 11 October and berthing space was made available on board. A second and third increment of Brazilian Naval personnel arrived on 20 and 28 October respectively, while portions of LOWRY’s crew were being transferred to her relief ship, U.S.S. CORRY (DD-817). Decommissioning and transfer ceremonies took place on board LOWRY on 29 October 1973, ending her 29 years as a fighting ship of the United States Navy. She was commissioned “CT ESPIRITO SANTO (D38)” and now serves the Government of Brazil.

Historian’s Comments:

All information contained herein has been transcribed from Official United States Navy Records. Many LOWRY Shipmates contributed official documentation retained by them throughout the years, which was supplemented by the official records retained in the historical files of the U.S.S. LOWRY (DD-770) Association. A very special “Thank You” to Shipmate Kent for his valuable contributions to this project. Every attempt for complete accuracy has been maintained and is respectfully submitted this 28th day of November 2001.

Quartermaster Bill Mackey (1967-1968), Historian of the U.S.S. LOWRY (DD-770) Association.