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Hello Fellow LOWRY Tiger Shipmates

The reunion for the USS LOWRY (DD-770) was held in ST. LOUIS, MO., from 21 September 2000 to 24 September 2000. A great time was enjoyed by all and many toast were tipped for you shipmates that didn't get to attend. Our thoughts and wishes as we left were that you LOWRY shipmates will be able to attend the next reunion, scheduled to be held in Charleston, South Carolina in 2002.

New Officers were elected. William F. (Bill)Mackey, our Historian, was elected President taking over from Boyd Leyburn who served us so well. William A. (Bill) Meddings, Operations Officer during the Vietnam War, was elected Vice President, replacing Bob Rogers. Charlie Wright remains our Vice President and Representative for World War 11. Bill O'Sullivan takes over as Treasure from George Funk. Again, George Funk served the LOWRY Association greatly in a job that can be very trying. Also, I was appointed the job of Editing and Publishing the Bucket & Swab, the LOWRY newsletter. I have some awful big shoes to fill following Roy Kelly and George and Pattie Funk. I hope all you shipmates will furnish me with articles to use in this publication. Your participation will greatly help my success with this huge resposibility and endeavor.

During the reunion, Shipmate Forrest V. (Woody) Lange, the Democratic Coordinator of Judges and Board of Election Commissioner for the City of St. Louis arranged for the USS LOWRY (DD-770) Association to be honored at the City Council meeting held during our brief stay. A resolution was passed by the Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Louis that they therefore paused in there deliberations to congratulate the Shipmates of the USS LOWRY (DD-770) on the occasion of our reunion and to wish us a successful celebration and directed the Clerk of this board to spread a copy of this Resolution across the minutes of these proceedings and to further prepare a commmemorative copy to the end that it may be presented to the Board of Aldermen's Honores. This Resolution was introduced on the 22 day of September, 2000 by Honorable James Sonderman, Alderman 23rd Ward and was adopted on the 22nd day of September, 2000 as attested by: Fred F. Steffen, Clerk, Board of Aldermen and Frances G. Slay, President, Board of Aldermen. President Boyd Leyburn, Vice President elect William A. (Bill) Meddings and I attended this City Council meeting to accept this Resolution and felt very honored by the Aldermen of the City of St. Louis participating in this Resolution for the Shipmates of the USS LOWRY (DD-770) Association.

Approximately 100 Shipmates attended this St. Louis reunion. With family and friends in attendance nearly 190 people were involved in the 2000 reunion in St. Louis.

The common meeting place for all LOWRY Shipmates was the reception room. Bill Mackey, our Historian and now President of the Association, had a dazzlingly wonderful display of historical articles, documents and pictures for all the Shipmates to view and enjoy. Bill had to fly up and I commend him for being able to get all the items he had on display to St. Louis. He has gathered all these items in the last two years and was given many more items at the reunion by Shipmates who wanted to add to LOWRY Historical Vault. If our next reunion is held as scheduled in Charleston, South Carolina, Bill will be able to drive up from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and bring many more items that he was not able to bring to St. Louis.

Shipmate BMC Earl Floyd, USN, retired, opened our banquet by pipeing us onboard with a Boatswain's pipe. Sea Cadets from the City of St. Louis served as our Honor Guard. Bill Meddings gave the Invocation as we prepared to dine. Former President Bob Mooney spoke and honored our World War 11 Shipmates with his speech. Outgoing President Boyd Leyburn spoke of his experience as President of the Association the last two years. Incoming President Bill Mackey talked of the next two years and what the LOWRY Association can become in the future. Shipmate Charles Wright's son, Captain Bob Wright, USNR was our main speaker and spoke of the weapons the Navy utilizes today and what we may expect for the future. Captain Charles B. Carroll, USN Retired and Commanding Officer during the LOWRY's Korean War deployment, thrilled us all with his own speech at the end. We also were honored with two of the LOWRY Association Founders, Roy Kelly and Bob Jacquin. The reunion was a great success.