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LOWRY Plaque on the wall of the NIMITZ museum in Fredricksburg, TX six gun salvo in Tonkin Gulf during 1968

U. S. S. LOWRY (DD-770) is named in honor of Commodore Reigert B. Lowry, U.S. Navy, a naval hero of the War Between The States. She is the first ship of the fleet to bear the name.

Her keel was laid on 1 August 1943 and she was launched on 6 February 1944 under the sponsorship of Miss Ann Lowry, great grandaughter of the Commodore. USS LOWRY (DD-770) was commissioned on 23 July 1944.

Commodore Lowry was born 14 July 1826, at La Guayrs, Venezuela, the son of Robert K. Lowry of Maryland, United States Consul. He was appointed a Midshipman on 21 January 1840. Attached to the Hcms Squadron during the Mexican War, he took part in operations against Tampico, Tuspan, Vera Cruz, Tobasco, Seven Palms and Alvarado. At the outbreak of the Civil War he was part of the relief expeditions at Fort Sumpter and took part in operations of the Potomac Flotilla. The Hatteres Expedition was undertaken upon suggestions and information given the Department by him, for which he was thank by the Secretary of the Navy. He served with Admiral Farragut in the Battle of New Orleans and also took part in the first attack on Vicksburg by Admiral Farragut's Fleet, 30 June 1862. Subsequently, he participated in operations against the ram Arkansas and operations above Vicksburg; the engagement with Confederate batteries at Donaldsonville, Lousiana on 4 October 1862; and the bombardment of Galveston, Texas on 10 January 1863. He had special duty in Washington; D. C. and after the Civil War commanded training ship SABINE; CAMANDAIGUA in the North Atlantic Squadron; and the Naval Station, New London, Connecticut. Commodore Lowry died at the Brooklyn Naval Hospital, 25 November 1880.

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