TOM LONG'S Korean War cruise Photograph Collection

TOM LONG'S Korean War and World Cruise photograph collection

USS LOWRY DD-770-SINGAPORE-JUNE 1952 Preparing injured man for highline transfer USS BOXER
TASK FORCE 77 June 1952
Yellow Sea-Visit & Search Party in motor whale boat
goes to investigate "IBGB"
(Itty Bitty Gook Boat) Sampan-May 1952
Entering Port? Anybody know where? How's my hat look? USS BOXER pulls away after
transfer TF 77-June 1952
Lt. Cran Rogers looks at the "WAMBAT" in the bucket. A broom is his reward.
Transferring injured man by highline to USS BOXER-TF 77-June 1952 Swim call descends on Curvaceous Paddle boat
skipper - Cannes, France - 1952
Yellow Sea-LOWRY Whaleboat picks up downed British Pilot on return from Worthington Patrol at O627, 11 May 1952.
Man suffered serious hand burns.


Yellow Sea-23 May 1952-Hookah Patrol Aboard ROC JYMS 302. Lt. Fyffe, Bell RD1, Gazagna ET3, Tracey QM1, Spear FC3, Choe, ROC. Yellow Sea - South Korean Fishing Sampan in waters of TE 95.11 - May 1952

Yellow Sea - HMS OCEAN as USS LOWRY pulls away after transfer of injured pilot - 11 May 1952

Yellow Sea-Injured pilot is transferred by highline to HMS OCEAN @ 0915 - 11 May 1952

Many thanks to Tom Long for loaning these pictures of our history